R.D. Williams

Bachelor of Science - Information System Security and Cyber Security, (BSISC)

Code of Ethics

    As an information technologist with a focus on security, and as a future leader, my code of ethics is one that encompasses integrity, freedom, ethical conduct, moral behavior, fairness, dignity, team work, individual growth, responsibility, accountability, and success through meeting organizational goals.  For me it is hard to place myself in to specific categories and find myself pulling a little from all areas for the moral and ethical frameworks.

    My code of ethics is something that I should be able to look upon with pride and be able to say, “Yes that is me.”  It should be the strength to allow me carry on, allow me to ever more grow and evolve in to a better person, and not just lock me in to a set of rules that are inflexible as my life changes.  These core values are my ethos, what I live by:

·         Integrity

o   A high degree of honesty and being undivided with myself, never to allow myself to compromise my beliefs and values.

·         Freedom

       o   To be able to make my own choices without restraint

·         Fairness

o   To give everyone a chance free of pre-judgment

·         Dignity

o   To hold myself up with pride and award others with respect

·         Teamwork

o   To understand that I do not have to do it all myself, that we can make a difference together.

·         Individual growth

o   To allow myself to grow and evolve with whatever life gives me.

·         Responsibility

o   Being a leader that inspires others, to be trusted to take the roles needed to be performed.

·         Accountability

o   To stand by my actions, not running away from them.

·         Honor

o   To demonstrate uncompromising ethical conduct and moral behavior in all of our personal actions.

·         Respect

o   To treat each other with fairness, dignity, and compassion.

·         Devotion to duty

o   I are professional, I am committed to the successful achievement of all around me.  I exist to serve.  I serve with pride.

    My moto is one that is not common today’s society  and applies to both my professional and personal life, one that has given me strength in times when the impossible seemed too hard to overcome.  “Be Faithful”, this is means that I must hold to my values no matter what life throws my way.
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