R.D. Williams

Bachelor of Science - Information System Security and Cyber Security, (BSISC)

About Me

Robert D. Williams

Bachelor of Science in Information System Security and Cyber Security (BSISC)

I am a graduate of  ITT- Technical Institute , Bachelor of Science in the Information System Security and Cyber Secutiy program, with expertise in WAN/LAN configuration and set up, network applications, email, Windows and Linux O/S access controls, information technology security policies and procedures, and legal issues within security.

My strengths include: efficient troubleshooting skills;  oral and written communications; thorough, effective, and proficient goal-centered talents that ensure positive results; and the persistence to identify and solve challenging situations.

In addition, my specific accomplishments are a high level of knowledge and understanding of the information  technology security as stated by a 3.91 GPA. My dedication to my educational goals is also evident in a perfect attendance record throughout my associates program.

 I have built WAN/LAN connections, administered Windows server, ADDS, Linux, email and application servers, and ensured that said services are physically and logically secure  and within compliance.

              My Work in the law enforcement community has given me and understanding of  what it means to be trustworthy, not just to my employer, but to its employees as well.  Additionally, I have an understanding that confidentiality is required, as access to personal and private information may be part of my job. Furthermore, my work experience with law enforcement has strengthened my leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills.

           Most recently, I invested energy by applying those skills into the IT networking field by acquiring my Bachelor's degree in information technology to my experience. 

               My skills and experiences will benefit your company in the following ways:  trouble shooting on the spot with little stress; communicating effectively so that others have a clear understanding; and persevering to complete the task. 

                I am eager to start contributing to your company to help ensure that productivity is kept high with little to no down time from your IT infrastructure. 

                 I am seeking an information systems security position with an information technology company or department  that can use my knowledge in a practical environment,  while identifying the real world side of network security and working with top professionals in the field. 

                 I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my qualification will enhance your team.

                 I graduated my bachelor program with a GPA of 3.91 and have been a member of  the National Technical Honors Society (NTHS) since 2013. 

                Contact information below is included to facilitate contact.  Letters of reference from teachers and the NTHS can be furnished upon reasonable request, as time is needed for them to be drafted.

Email:  Rdwilli1492@gmail.com

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